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Awareness is Armor: Learn to Defend Yourself Online and in Real Time

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Title: Awareness is Armor: Learn to Defend Yourself Online and in Real Time
Author: Allred, Alexandra
ISBN: 9781735145914
Publisher: Wish Publishing
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
Clean, unmarked copy with some edge wear. Good binding. Dust jacket included if issued with one. We ship in recyclable American-made mailers. 100% money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Publisher Description:

From the 1960s to the 1980s, American television ran the public service announcement, "Do you know where your children are," with a large 10 p.m. logo next to it. The idea was if our nation's youth were indoors by 10 p.m., they would be safe. The reality, however, is bad things can happen any time. Today, the new question should be, "It's 10 am. Do you know who your child is online with?" Awareness is Armor is the must-read prelude to self-defense training.

Geared toward middle- and high-school students, college freshman and young professionals, this book offers real-life scenarios, followed by discussions of "What would you do" and "How would you handle" situations that involve teachers, coaches, bosses, neighbors, online 'friends', classmates, pastors, relatives, friends, or strangers. Assaults between young couples are on the rise. Assaults on airplanes, in classrooms and in locker rooms, on schoolyards and at work, on college campuses and on dates are all on the rise. True self-defense must teach not only girls and women, but everyone, about the people in our lives and how we should expect to be treated. We must understand what 'situational awareness' is and how to look out for ourselves.

After more than two decades of teaching schools, universities, corporate America, athletes, Girl Scouts, and grandmothers self-defense, 4th degree black belt and author Alexandra Allred created Awareness is Armor: Learn to Defend Yourself Online and in Real TIme to break down just what sexual assault and sexual harassment are, dispel the myth that only sexy or attractive people are assaulted, discuss the dangers that lurk on the Internet and in parking lots, explain what 'grooming' and 'freezing' are, and the long-term importance of reporting and how to speak up.

You must be your own champion!