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The MIT Press

Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace

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Title: Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace
Author: Mosco, Vincent
ISBN: 9780262134392
Publisher: The MIT Press
Published: 2004
Binding: Regular Hardback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Near Fine
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Publisher Description:
The digital era promises, as did many other technological developments before it, the transformation of society - with the computer, we can transcend time, space, and politics-as-usual. In The Digital Sublime Vincent Mosco goes beyond the usual stories of technological breakthrough and economic meltdown to explore the myths constructed around the new digital technology and why we feel compelled to believe in them. He tells us that what kept enthusiastic investors in the dotcom era bidding up stocks even after the crash had begun was not wilful ignorance of the laws of economics but belief in the myth that cyberspace was opening up a new world. Myths are not just falsehoods that can be disproved; Mosco points out, but stories that lift us out of the banality of everyday life into the possibility of the sublime. He argues that if we take what we know about cyberspace and situate it within what we know about culture - specifically the central post-Cold War myths of the end of history, geography, and politics - we will add to our knowledge about the digital world; we need to see it with both eyes - that is to understand it both culturally and materially. After examining the myths of