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Yale University Press

How to Find a Higgs Boson--And Other Big Mysteries in the World of the Very Small

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Title: How to Find a Higgs Boson--And Other Big Mysteries in the World of the Very Small
Author: Van Vulpen, Ivo
ISBN: 9780300244182
Publisher: Yale University Press
Published: 2020
Binding: Regular Hardback
Language: English
Condition: New
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Science 1210712

Publisher Description:
The history of particle physics, the hunt for the most elusive particle, and the fundamental questions the search has inspired

How did physicists combine talent and technology to discover the Higgs boson, the last piece in our inventory of the subatomic world? How did the Higgs change our understanding of the universe? And now, nearly a decade after its detection, what comes next? Answering these questions, Ivo van Vulpen--a CERN particle physicist and member of the team behind the detection--invites us on a journey to the frontiers of our knowledge.

Enjoy Van Vulpen's accessible explanation of the history of particle physics and of concepts like quantum mechanics and relativity, and ponder his inquiries regarding the search for new particles (to explain dark matter), a new force (to combine the existing fundamental forces), and new phenomena (undiscovered dimensions of space). This is a lively account of work at the world's highest-energy particle accelerator, with inspiring personal reflections on humanity's discoveries deeper and deeper into the world of the very small.