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Edinburgh University Press

I Am: A Philosophical Inquiry Into First-Person Being

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Title: I Am: A Philosophical Inquiry Into First-Person Being
Author: Raymond Tallis
ISBN: 9780748619511
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Published: 2004
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
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Publisher Description:
In The Hand, the first volume of his trilogy, Raymond Tallis looked at how humans have avoided the constraints of biology. I Am focuses on two crucial aspects of the escape from being a mere organism: selfhood and agency. These are seen as originating in what Tallis calls the Existential Intuition - the sense 'That I am this' - within the human body. The nature and origin of the Existential Intuition is described in outline and it is related to the certainty of his own existence that Descartes established through his Cogito argument. The primary reference point for the sense 'That I am this' is the body. Raymond Tallis describes the logical and existential necessity of embodiment and the complex relationships we have to our bodies such as being, using, having, suffering and knowing. He goes on to argue that bodily continuity and psychological connectedness through memory both require the Existential Intuition in order to underpin an enduring self. Moreover, the self-realising intuition 'that I am this' creates a new point of departure in the physical world enabling persons to be the origins of their acts and to establish a vantage point from which they are able to influence the course of events. I Am is full of fascinating insights into the nature of personal identity and offers an entirely new way of reconciling human freedom with the deterministic universe in which humans act.Key Features: *Addresses fundamental philosophical questions. *Approaches these questions from a novel view point.*Reconciles Darwinism with Humanism.*A major attempt to redefine what it is to be a human being and the scope of human possibility.