In the Land of Men: A Memoir

In the Land of Men: A Memoir

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Title: In the Land of Men: A Memoir
Author: Miller, Adrienne
ISBN: 9780062682413
Publisher: Ecco
Published: 2020
Binding: Regular Hardback
Language: English
Condition: New

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Publisher Description:

One of Vogue's Best Books of the Year

One of Esquire's Best Books of the Year

One of the Wall Street Journal's Favorite Books of the Year

One of the Most Anticipated Books of the Year: Vogue, Parade, Esquire, Bitch, and Maclean's

A New York Times and Washington Post Book to Watch

A fiercely personal memoir about coming of age in the male-dominated literary world of the nineties, becoming the first female literary editor of Esquire, and Miller's personal and working relationship with David Foster Wallace

A naive and idealistic twenty-two-year-old from the Midwest, Adrienne Miller got her lucky break when she was hired as an editorial assistant at GQ magazine in the mid-nineties. Even if its sensibilities were manifestly mid-century--the martinis, powerful male egos, and unquestioned authority of kings--GQ still seemed the red-hot center of the literary world. It was there that Miller began learning how to survive in a man's world. Three years later, she forged her own path, becoming the first woman to take on the role of literary editor of Esquire, home to the male writers who had defined manhood itself-- Hemingway, Mailer, and Carver. Up against this old world, she would soon discover that it wanted nothing to do with a "mere girl."

But this was also a unique moment in history that saw the rise of a new literary movement, as exemplified by McSweeney's and the work of David Foster Wallace. A decade older than Miller, the mercurial Wallace would become the defining voice of a generation and the fiction writer she would work with most. He was her closest friend, confidant--and antagonist. Their intellectual and arti