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The MIT Press

Milk and Honey: Technologies of Plenty in the Making of a Holy Land

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Title: Milk and Honey: Technologies of Plenty in the Making of a Holy Land
Author: Tamar Novick
ISBN: 9780262039079
Publisher: The MIT Press
Published: 2023
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Near Fine
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Publisher Description:
An innovative historical analysis of the intersection of religion and technology in making the modern state, focusing on bodily production and reproduction across the human-animal divide.

In Milk and Honey, Tamar Novick writes a revolutionary environmental history of the state that centers on the intersection of technology and religion in modern Israel/Palestine. Focusing on animals and the management of their production and reproduction across three political regimes--the late-Ottoman rule, British rule, and the early Israeli state--Novick draws attention to the ways in which settlers and state experts used agricultural technology to recreate a biblical idea of past plenitude, literally a "land flowing with milk and honey," through the bodies of animals and people.

Novick presents a series of case studies involving the management of water buffalo, bees, goats, sheep, cows, and peoplein Palestine/Israel. She traces the intimate forms of knowledge and bodily labor--production and reproduction--in which this process took place, and the intertwining of bodily, political, and environmental realms in the transformation of Palestine/Israel. Her wide-ranging approach shows technology never replaced religion as a colonial device. Rather, it merged with settler-colonial aspirations to salvage the land, bolstering the effort to seize control over territory and people.

Fusing technology, religious fervor, bodily labor, and political ecology, Milk and Honey provides a novel account of the practices that defined and continue to shape settler-colonialism in the Palestine/Israel, revealing the ongoing entanglement of technoscience and religion in our time.