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Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium

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Title: Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium
Author: Shiva C a D Shankaran
ISBN: 9781504343497
Publisher: BalboaPress
Published: 2016
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: Used: Very Good
Clean, unmarked copy with some edge wear. Good binding. Dust jacket included if issued with one. We ship in recyclable American-made mailers. 100% money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Publisher Description:

What is Consciousness? What is the Holy Spirit? What if the ancient word St. Paul used for "spirit," pneuma, were to be interpreted as equivalent to "consciousness" as we are striving to understand it today? What would be the effects and implications of this upon understanding of the self, the world, and the greater creation?

A Science of Consciousness begins with the author asking the reader to accept as true for a moment a few basic, though perhaps un-thought-of premises. On that basis, the reader is invited to go on an imaginary journey into a world of new implications, possibilities, and powers coming from human creativity.

The author feels strongly that this work comes at a time in human experience when this insight is essential for collective survival and peaceful transition through difficult and exciting times. People need only to adjust their focus, relax their eyes, so to say, and be willing to see within themselves a point of connection with their Maker.

It is not necessary to believe in God, only to accept that one has consciousness and be willing to explore whatever that may be.