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Sons of Liberty: The Lives and Legacies of John Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and John Hancock

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Title: Sons of Liberty: The Lives and Legacies of John Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and John Hancock
Author: Charles River Editors
ISBN: 9781494239015
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published: 2013
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: Used: Good
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Publisher Description:
*Weaves the lives of the 4 Sons of Liberty together into one entertaining and educational narrative.
*Explains the relationships between the men and the roles each one played in the pivotal events before and during the Revolution.
*Includes Paul Revere's account of his midnight ride and Longfellow's famous poem Paul Revere's Ride.
*Includes several letters and writings from John Adams, Sam Adams and John Hancock.
*Includes an original introduction for each of the 4 Sons of Liberty.
For over 200 years, Americans have been fascinated by the Revolutionary period and the patriots who led the growing resistance movement against British authority that eventually brought about the Revolutionary War. In particular, the clandestine activities of Boston's Sons of Liberty in the decade before the war continue to be a source of both intrigue and mystery.
The American Revolution had no shortage of compelling characters with seemingly larger than life traits, including men like the multi-talented Benjamin Franklin, the wise Thomas Jefferson, the mercurial John Adams and the stoic George Washington. But no Revolutionary leader has been as controversial as Samuel Adams, who has been widely portrayed over the last two centuries as America's most radical and fiery colonist. Among his contemporaries, Adams was viewed as one of the most influential colonial leaders, a man Thomas Jefferson himself labeled "truly the Man of the Revolution" and the one who the Boston Gazette eulogized as the "Father of the American Revolution."
Over the course of 83 years, Paul Revere was one of the most prominent citizens in Boston, heralded for his silversmith work, his participation in the Sons of Liberty, and his service in the Massachusetts militia. Given everything he did for Boston and his community, it would have no doubt greatly surprised Revere at the end of his life if he had known he would become an American legend for his midnight ride on the night of April 18