March 2024 Media Sale!

March 2024 Media Sale!

Hello Everyone!
We are happy to invite you to our March Media Sale.  We'll be in our lower level again with CDs, DVDs, Books, and Vinyl, $2 on Friday, and then $1 for the whole weekend.  Following our usual pattern, we'll have our bins of books priced at 50 cent all weekend.  With the store open and stock being added every week, I would also invite you to explore upstairs, too, if you haven't already.

For this media sale, we have a little more vinyl than usual and somewhat fewer CDs and DVDs than we have had at the last few sales.  The vinyl will include all genres, whereas often we have principally classical music.  (We will also have an abundance of clean, classical records--we'll just have more of other genres, too.)

The book bins, too, are of excellent quality, as we continue to receive a tremendous abundance of excellent books.  What doesn't make it into our regular bookstore will come here, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality.  We expect to have about 8 bins again, though often we find by Friday we have more.  Feel free to come over to hunt for great books!

The details:

  • $1 SALE: Saturday, March 23rd - Sunday, March 24th 10am - 6pm
  • $2 PRESALE DAY: Friday, March 22nd, 10am - 6pm
  • $1 DVDs and DVD sets
  • $1 CDs and CD sets
  • $1 Vinyl Records
  • Thousands of CDs and DVDs, all fresh inventory
  • ~8 large bins of 50 cent books --50 cent books will be the same price throughout the sale
  • Our lower level is now open, so our sale is back inside.
  • Our bookstore is now also open!  10-6 daily!  New, Used, Vintage, and Children's Books
  • This sale will have more vinyl than usual and outstanding books
  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted
  • Parking is in our upper lot or on the street--please be respectful of neighbors' driveways if you park on the street