September CD and DVD Sale!

September CD and DVD Sale!

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to share we are getting ready for our next big CD and DVD sale, which is set for the 16th - 18th of this month.  We have three pallets of media stacked and ready to go!  As is our usual pattern, CDs and DVDs will be $2 each on Friday and $1 each over the weekend.  

I'll also share, since September is such an action-packed month, that we'll be participating in Greenfield's Vintage Days the weekend of the 24th.  We have a excellent collection of new (to us) vintage books to put out to celebrate.  This idea of Greenfield Vintage Days is new this year, and we're excited about it.  The Greenfield Business Association plans to do it as an annual city-wide event.  Next year, we should be able to share our vintage collection in our vintage building, too!  

Lastly, thanks so much to everyone who visited and ordered books during our big new books sale last weekend!  Although it was a clearance sale, of course, it also felt to me like the beginning of a story.  It was very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm for new books of a wide varieties of genres, authors, and interests.  :)

I hope this finds you well, and we would love to have you visit again for movies and music next weekend!


September CD and DVD Sale!
September 16th - 18th
$1 SALE: Saturday, September 17th - Sunday, September 18th, 10am - 6pm
$2 PRESALE DAY: Friday, September 16th, 10am - 6pm
$1 DVDs and DVD sets
$1 CDs and CD sets
$1 Audiobooks
Thousands of CDs and DVDs, all fresh inventory
Our bookstore is open for browsing, and now open 10-6 daily!
A great variety and great prices on used books
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