September Media Sale: Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th

September Media Sale: Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to report that we have a good outlook for clear weather for our next edition of our outdoor media sale, which we are planning for next weekend.  We'll have our CDs and DVDs under the tent, just as we did in August.  It's a little more work to bring everything outside during the last bit of construction and inspections, but it is also nice to be outside on these fall days. 

Naturally, our minds at Roundabout are squarely on the big reopening.  Some of you may have followed my quick social media posts the last couple of evenings after working at Boswell's, as I've stopped by the shop to see the new accessibility ramp going in.  It will be mostly complete by the time of this big sale, we think, and the elevator is now just awaiting inspection.  And, the books are going onto shelves fast and meticulous. 

In the meantime, while we wait for inspections from local and state officials (and hope for an A+ [I just assume they give those to sincere bookstores like the Great Pumpkin?]), we do have actually quite a lot of bookstore events to plan for!

*Greenfield Vintage Days are October 13th - 15th and I plan to preview our vintage collection.  This will also be outside and will be a nicely large sale if the weather is amenable to old books.

*Four Corners Children's Book Fair will be October 26th & 27th and we always bring a broad selection of our children's books.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself somewhat!  This coming weekend, feel free to stop over.  It is great to see you and abundant books, music, and movies in the first days New England fall is as refined a thing as there is. 

Well wishes, and hope to see you soon!

  • $1 SALE: Saturday, September 23rd - Sunday, September 24th 10am - 6pm
  • $2 PRESALE DAY: Friday, September 22nd, 10am - 6pm
  • $1 DVDs and DVD sets
  • $1 CDs and CD sets
  • Thousands of CDs and DVDs, all fresh inventory
  • ~9 large bins of 50 cent books --50 cent books will be the same price throughout the sale
  • 50 cent books will be all unsorted material for this sale
  • Our main bookstore is closed for browsing while we renovate.  Reopening Soon!
  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards Accepted
  • This sale will be ALL OUTDOORS in our upper lawn and parking lot area at our 85 Pierce Street building in Greenfield.  Our lower level is temporarily closed for construction.  
  • Parking is in our upper lot or on the street--please be respectful of neighbors' driveways