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AK Press

Abolition of Prison

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Title: Abolition of Prison
Author: Lesage de la Haye, Jacques
ISBN: 9781849354202
Publisher: AK Press
Published: 2021
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Non-Fiction 1281905

Publisher Description:

The Abolition of Prison provides a reflection from a longtime prison abolitionist, psychoanalyst, and former prisoner on the history, theory, and practice of anti-prison activism in France and globally over the last fifty years. This book powerfully makes the case for the end of prisons, punishment, and guilt and, instead, suggests we work towards social change, care, collectivity. The book weaves together Lesage deLa Haye's own experiences--in prison, as a psychiatrist, and as a social theorist--with the simple argument that, if we take the reasons for prison and punishment at their word, we must evaluate the system as a complete failure. So then why continue to support it and funnel money into it?