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BOA Editions Ltd.

Among Elms, in Ambush

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Title: Among Elms, in Ambush
Author: Weigl, Bruce
ISBN: 9781950774418
Publisher: BOA Editions Ltd.
Published: 2021
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Memoir 1281941

Publisher Description:

This powerful new work by Bruce Weigl follows the celebrated poet and Vietnam War Veteran as he explores combat, survival, and PTSD in brief prose vignettes.

In compact, transcendent, and poetic prose, Bruce Weigl chronicles somber observations on the present day alongside painful memories of the war. Reflections on school shootings and the lightning-fast spread of news in the 21st century are set alongside elegies for forgotten soldiers and the lifelong struggle of waiting for the trauma of war to fade. Haunting and nuanced, Among Elms, in Ambush carries readers through mediations and medications, past the shapes of figures in the dark rice fields of Viet Nam and the milkweed pods in the frost-covered fields of Ohio, toward a hard-won determination to survive.