B, Book, and Me

B, Book, and Me

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Title: B, Book, and Me
Author: Kim, Sagwa
ISBN: 9781931883962
Publisher: Two Lines Press
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

YA 1209403
Publisher Description:

Best friends b and Rang are all each other have. Their parents are absent, their teachers avert their eyes when they walk by. Everyone else in town acts like they live in Seoul even though it's painfully obvious they don't. When Rang begins to be bullied horribly by the boys in baseball hats, b fends them off. But one day Rang unintentionally tells the whole class about b's dying sister and how her family is poor, and each of them finds herself desperately alone. The only place they can reclaim themselves, and perhaps each other, is beyond the part of town where lunatics live--the End.

In a piercing, heartbreaking, and astonishingly honest voice, Kim Sagwa's b, Book, and Me walks the precipice between youth and adulthood, reminding us how perilous the edge can be.