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The Song Cave

Better Place Is Hard to Find

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Title: Better Place Is Hard to Find
Author: Fagan, Aaron
ISBN: 9781734035155
Publisher: The Song Cave
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1314072

Publisher Description:

Poetry. Revealing the profusion of life Where silence / And all possible / Outcomes bathe // In simultaneity, the poems in Aaron Fagan's astonishing third collection, A BETTER PLACE IS HARD TO FIND, carefully tune their lines, breaks, and turns of phrase to the acoustics of the author's lived experience. A master of giving shape to thought, Fagan's absorbing poems about love, relationships, philosophy, and his personal history reveal the intimate function poetry can hold in the course of examining one's life.

Aaron Fagan's A BETTER PLACE IS HARD TO FIND contains some of the finest poems I've read in years. At once fluid, blistering, and visionary, Fagan's poems are marvels that I admire for their beauty, their craft, and their fearlessness in the search for truth. What a poet!--Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Witty, inventive, surprising, uplifting, but also drawn to probe the darker recesses of the human psyche, the poems collected here reveal Aaron Fagan at his most compelling. This volume will surely enhance his status as one of the brightest stars in the American poetic firmament.--Mark Ford