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Broadway for Paul: Poems

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Title: Broadway for Paul: Poems
Author: Vincent Katz
ISBN: 9781524711535
Publisher: Knopf
Published: 2022
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1437074

Publisher Description:
Friendship, love, and the potential energy of change animate these poems of walking through New York City--now in paperback.

I love the vibrant cinematic hunger of this book, its urbanity, yours and mine too." --Eileen Myles

Broadway, the famous artery, both off the grid and definitive of Manhattan as it cuts its way downtown, is a metaphor for Katz's path through these poems.

From Lincoln Plaza on the Upper West Side to the African Burial Ground and the courthouses downtown, Katz mines his native city for the deep humanity that undergirds its streets. His title, with its implication that one could give something as large and undefinable as Broadway to a single person, courts an impossibility that generates the possibility of friendship, as well as the largesse Katz wants to find in our civic discourse. In poems such as Ivanka Skirting and This Beautiful Bubble we encounter his reckoning with a divisive culture that can, he suggests, be healed through our daily acts--through a kind of alert graciousness that also defines his poetry.

In this moving collection, we enter Katz's world, both public and private, and experience poetry as a way of seeing that can change hearts and minds.