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Hyperion / DBG

By the Time You Read This I'll Be Dead

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Title: By the Time You Read This I'll Be Dead
Author: Julie Anne Peters
ISBN: 9781423116189
Publisher: Hyperion / DBG
Published: 2010
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Publisher Description:
A significant book about one girl's struggle with suicide.

Daelyn is fifteen years old, and in her mind she is a failure. She tried slitting her wrists, and she was rescued. She tried swallowing chemicals, and after burning through her esophagus enough to lose the ability to speak, she was rescued. But this time will be different.

As readers see Daelyn's touching friendship with a quirky seventeen year-old boy develop and her newfound willingness to share all of the pain she has held inside of her, they may just see a glimmer of hope. Will Daelyn see it though?

Raw and heartfelt, this is an inside look into the mind of a teen who has lost the will to fight and the parents that will do anything they can to help her survive. Still, there are some things that even loving parents can't protect you from--yourself.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the material in this book, we will be providing back matter from key experts. We hope that this book will help to open a dialogue about this increasingly prevalent issue.