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Newest York Arts Press


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Title: Deathwish
Author: Fama, Ben
ISBN: 9780999343418
Publisher: Newest York Arts Press
Published: 2019
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

Poetry 1210587

Publisher Description:
Poetry. Ben Fama's DEATHWISH drops us back into the beauty and the fantasies teased out in his first book of poetry, FANTASY, re-braiding them through BDSM scenarios, metaphysical inquiries, and the maximalism of the contemporary.

If your iPhone had any feelings it would write like Ben Fama.--Ariana Reines

Ben Fama's 'I' is a desolate seer; his 'you' is us all; reading DEATHWISH is a role play. These sexy, uncluttered poems are love notes and accusations saturated with a personal/political heartsickness I find weirdly consoling. Fama's vivid, semi-abstract renderings of moments within our terrible moments are gifts.--Johanna Fateman

DEATHWISH finds beauty in scarcity and drained resources--nudes take up all the data, and brunch is a blackout. These poems want to die young, but instead live out the melancholy of endurance. I loved this book.--Chelsea Hodson