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Title: Disoriented
Author: Maalouf, Amin
ISBN: 9781642860580
Publisher: World Editions
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

Fiction 1209545

Publisher Description:

"A thoughtful, philosophically rich story that probes a still-open wound." --Kirkus Reviews

"Maalouf is a thoughtful, humane and passionate interlocutor." --The New York Times Book Review One night, a phone rings in Paris. Adam learns that Mourad, once his closest friend, is dying. He quickly throws some clothes in a suitcase and takes the first flight out, to the homeland he fled twenty-five years ago. Exiled in France, Adam has been leading a peaceful life as a respected historian, but back among the milk-white mountains of the East his past soon catches up with him. His childhood friends have all taken different paths in life--and some now have blood on their hands. Loyalty, identity, and the clash of cultures and beliefs are at the core of this long-awaited novel by the French-Lebanese literary giant Amin Maalouf.