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Title: Eleanor
Author: Jacobik, Gray
ISBN: 9781933880754
Publisher: CavanKerry Press
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Poetry 1208665

Publisher Description:
In Eleanor, Gray Jacobik presents sixty-two poems written in the voice of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Set against the backdrop of many of the major national and international events of the twentieth century, this famous historical figure has much to say. This collection includes poems about Eleanor's husband Franklin, her children, her mother-in-law, her intellectual mentors, and her most passionate and intimate friendships. Other poems focus on Eleanor's evolving relationship to servants, issues of class and human rights, as well as her service to the world community. Jacobik's monologues constitute a sustained imaginative work that embodies Eleanor Roosevelt's emotional experience, moral conflicts, fears, losses, desires, and aspirations.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a bold and outspoken advocate for issues that are still relevant today: social justice, economic security, freedom from war and violence, and the rights of workers and immigrants. Modern readers will find much to admire, and much that resonates, in the themes of this collection. Publishing one hundred years after the Nineteenth Amendment granted women the right to vote, this collection reminds us how far we have come, and how much further we have yet to go.