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Everyman's Library

Emily Dickinson: Letters: Edited by Emily Fragos

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Title: Emily Dickinson: Letters: Edited by Emily Fragos
Author: Emily Dickinson
ISBN: 9780307597045
Publisher: Everyman's Library
Published: 2011
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Condition: New
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Letters & Diaries 1544351

Publisher Description:
A selection of the remarkable letters of Emily Dickinson in an elegant Pocket Poet edition.

The same inimitable voice and dazzling insights that make Emily Dickinson's poems immortal can be found in the whimsical, humorous, and often deeply moving letters she wrote to her family and friends throughout her life. The selection of letters presented here provides a fuller picture of the eccentric recluse of legend, showing how immersed in life she was: we see her tending her garden; baking bread; marking the marriages, births, and deaths of those she loved; reaching out for intellectual companionship; and confessing her personal joys and sorrows. These letters, invaluable for the light they shed on their author, are, as well, a pure pleasure to read.