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New Vessel Press

Few Collectors

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Title: Few Collectors
Author: Le-Tan, Pierre
ISBN: 9781954404045
Publisher: New Vessel Press
Published: 2022
Binding: Book
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

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Publisher Description:

Funny and whimsical. There are wonderful asides ... It is also poignant.
--The New York Times

An utterly charming book by beloved Parisian artist Pierre Le-Tan, filled with dazzling illustrations and intriguing tales about often eccentric art collectors. Le-Tan, known for designing New Yorker magazine covers and collaborations with fashion houses, summons up memories of inveterate collectors in this lavishly illustrated volume. He evokes fascinating, sometimes troubled figures through insightful and curious portraits. With seventy of his distinctive pen and ink drawings--in vibrant color with meticulous cross-hatching--A Few Collectors opens a window onto the vast or minuscule world created by collectors out of a mix of extravagance and obstinacy. It recounts encounters in Paris, the Côte d'Azur, North Africa, London and New York, where Le-Tan's subjects have amassed a range of treasures. Some involve famed figures like former Louvre Museum director Pierre Rosenberg. Others are insolvent aristocrats, princes of film and fashion, expatriate dandies, and flat-out obsessive eccentrics. Le-Tan devotes perhaps his finest chapter to himself.