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Harper Perennial

Further Tales of the City

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Title: Further Tales of the City
Author: Maupin, Armistead
ISBN: 9780060924928
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Published: 2007
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Publisher Description:
"An extended love letter to a magical San Francisco."
-- "New York Times Book Review"

The calamity-prone residents of 28 Barbary Lane are at it again in this deliciously dark novel of romance and betrayal. While Anna Madrigal imprisons an anchorwoman in her basement, Michael Tolliver looks for love at the National Gay Rodeo, DeDe Halcyon Day and Mary Ann Singleton track a charismatic psychopath across Alaska, and society columnist Prue Giroux loses her heart to a derelict living in San Francisco park.

"What makes Maupin's writing so rich and humorous is the way he juxtaposes the goings-on of irreversibly different worlds, flirtatiously overlapping them at times."
--St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"I love Maupin's books for very much the same qualities that make me love the novels of Dickens."
--Christopher Isherwood