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West Virginia University Press

Ghosts of New York

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Title: Ghosts of New York
Author: Lewis, Jim
ISBN: 9781949199963
Publisher: West Virginia University Press
Published: 2021
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Publisher Description:
"A masterful tapestry."--Richard Price, author of Lush Life
"A marvelous novel." --Rabih Alameddine, author of The Angel of History and An Unnecessary Woman

"Jim Lewis sees like a photographer and writes like an avenging angel." --Sally Mann, author of Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs
"A beautifully vulnerable work of fiction." --Jardine Libaire, author of White Fur

Ghosts of New York is a novel in which the laws of time and space have been subtly suspended. It interweaves four strands: a photographer newly returned to the neighborhood where she grew up, after years spent living overseas; a foundling raised on 14th Street; a graduate student, his romantic partner, and his best friend entangled in a set of relationships with far-reaching personal and political repercussions; and a shopkeeper suffering from first love late in life. Mixing prophecy, history, and a hint of speculative fiction, its stories are bound together even as they are propelled into stranger territory. And undergirding it all is a song, which appears, disappears, and then resurfaces.

Ghosts of New York explores complex lives through indelible renderings of settings--a bar, a night market, a recording studio--that alternate between familiar and unsettling. The work of a celebrated novelist and veteran of the art, film, and music scenes in New York and Austin (described as "a rare talent" by the New York Times and "a powerful literary voice" by Jeffrey Eugenides), this novel will immediately absorb readers intrigued by creative people and the places that sustain and challenge them.