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Fence Books

Lite Year

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Title: Lite Year
Author: Brown-Lavoie, Tess
ISBN: 9781944380069
Publisher: Fence Books
Published: 2019
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

Poetry 1209208

Publisher Description:
This is an entertaining book of epistolary poems in prose which light up a young farmer's year through external and internal signs and cues, reaching out and reaching in, the lightness of being, loving, and dreaming. The poems don't really tell any stories but they narrate an enchanting and intellectually stimulating subjectivity. The subject of the poems is love, growth, illness, wellness, detachment and attachment as told by an embodied disembodied prime mover, a daughter, sister, lover, farmer. There is an addressee, which longed-for presence provides soil for the embedding of contact. A journal of the times of year in which a body grows quiet, then active, then reflective, then expressive, with all the contemporary appliances, texts, and devices. There is a violence to the transmission of effluence and effluvia; a sweetness to the extrusion of affect.