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Equus Press

Mental Shrapnel

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Title: Mental Shrapnel
Author: O'Neil, Phillip
ISBN: 9781999696405
Publisher: Equus Press
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Fiction 1286463

Publisher Description:

Fiction. Drama. Chris Mahler was a top psychologist, but that was before the war in Bosnia. Something happened to him during that war--it left him too traumatised to remember. Jasmina was the love of his life. She was killed in the siege of Sarajevo & his ability to live & love again died with her. Or so he believes. Now a shell-shocked survivor, he is the patient, strapped to a bed under the care of the mysterious Dr Steinfelder.

Mahler's trauma & amnesia can be cured. But what will he remember if it is? Is Mahler the perfect Guinea Pig the doctors have been hoping to find? Or is it a case of kill or cure? Mahler wants to uncover all that lies hidden in his brain. Powerful men want it to stay buried. The Orwellian tyrant known as The Censor has his secrets too, but what does he want from Mahler? Once colleagues, Steinfelder & The Censor are now arch-enemies. Mahler must go to war once more & this time the stakes are higher than ever before, discovering that in the twenty-first century, psychiatry is the newest & deadliest weapon of war.