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Dostoyevsky Wannabe

Mirage Time

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Title: Mirage Time
Author: Li, Mujie
ISBN: 9781977690609
Publisher: Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Published: 2017
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Fiction 1282075

Publisher Description:
An apartment is in a diseased state; swirling in the vortex of memories, footage of violence and pain moves around its rooms, causing contractions and sprouting schizophrenically, shuddering towards death. A desert banquet unfurls, and things vibrate in the trip. Stories begin to proliferate: tribes hunt for love, urban space metamorphosises, dreams are smuggled hence accidents happen, names of things become symbolic, and a strange botany configures variations of hope. Mirage Time is a large sensory ecology which comes into being across scales and states of experience. With sections of texts in its three sequences interweaving with each other, the text reads itself in a perceptible movement across each sequence.

Written in a prose-lyrical style, a structural experiment in which words, phrases and sentences intensify sensations and are composed of movement, the text itself produces a vivid new sensual order. Mirage Time insists that the world is voluptuous.