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Organism for Poetic Research

Moira of Edges, Moira the Tart

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Title: Moira of Edges, Moira the Tart
Author: Dick, Moina Pam
ISBN: 9780578544557
Publisher: Organism for Poetic Research
Published: 2019
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Poetry 1210592

Publisher Description:
Poetry. LGBTQIA Studies. Women's Studies. Art. In a transposition of 5th-century St. Mary of Egypt's harlot-turned-desert-ascetic vita to a contemporary setting, MOIRA OF EDGES, MOIRA THE TART reimagines hermitry, penitence, and ardor through the figure of artist and lay philosopher Moira (sometimes Moina) Jones. Part-hagiography, part-künstlerroman in poetic form, MOIRA OF EDGES fractures into disclosing edge time: a limned threshold; a vibrating seam; an angular meditation on form, mind, god, sex, the metaphysics of time and perception.