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Akashic Books

Narcissism of Small Differences

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Title: Narcissism of Small Differences
Author: Zadoorian, Michael
ISBN: 9781617758171
Publisher: Akashic Books
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

Fiction 1209535

Publisher Description:

A hilarious and poignant novel about growing up, buying in, selling out, and the death of irony.

The Narcissism of Small Differences is one of [Zadoorian's] best. He has become an essential chronicler of the life in Detroit at the beginning of our century.
--Stateside, Michigan Public Radio

#1 Bestseller (Fiction/Paperback) at Book Soup!

One of Detour Detroit's 25 Notable Detroit and Michigan Books from 2020

Like Zadoorian's earlier novels--The Lost Tiki Palaces of Detroit, The Leisure Seeker and Beautiful Music--this new novel brims with wit, passion and soul.
--The Millions, one of The Millions' Most Anticipated Books of 2020

If the very idea of irony were to die during the coronavirus, how would one bury it? A new book by Ferndale writer Michael Zadoorian might provide an answer.
--Lansing City Pulse

A quirky, original novel...Zadoorian deftly captures the flavor and eccentricities of life in Detroit.
--Lansing State Journal

Metro Detroit has been the setting of all four of Zadoorian's novels so far, and Narcissism...continues a career-long exploration of a place the Detroit native says has only become more 'wondrous' to him with age.
--SEEN Magazine

Landing somewhere between a pithy Joyce Carol Oates and Hunter S. Thompson's insightful revelations on American pop culture zeitgeist, Zadoorian beautifully weaves his native city and its inhabitants into a thoughtful story.
--House of Tabu

A quite wondrous, thoroughly entertaining and delightfully enthralling journey through a Detroit of 11 years ago that is, without a shadow of a doubt, a must read for any Detroit natives.
--Exclusive Magazine

[Zadoorian's] message--that as we get older, it's okay to reimagine our lives and maybe even sell out a little, as long as we stay true to our authentic selves--is earnest. And a s