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Dostoyevsky Wannabe


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Title: Sekxphrastiks
Author: Goldman, Jane
ISBN: 9781838015640
Publisher: Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Published: 2021
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Poetry 1332620

Publisher Description:

How to write about a poet as honed? I wish for this magic in every book of poems I open, but it rarely is. Jane Goldman raps from inside our heads, do you get it, do you hear this, it is time to understand these things, these raw-lipped dadas without you-At the same time, her book pulls itself around us, and we get a new feeling about poetry, a subject we thought we knew well. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! WOW RIGHT FROM THE START AND IT JUST GOES GOES GOES!!!

-CAConrad, author of While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books, 2017)

SEKXPHRASTIKS is a derangement of the senses as well as a sharp intersectional appraisal of encounter, often going beyond the human. I think that's in line with Tessa Berring, Bernadette Mayer, but also like Dorothea Lasky's kind of ritualistic shout-voice that is wild and spirited.

-Maria Sledmere, Spam Zine

Gorgeous, gleaming, and irrepressible, Jane Goldman's SEKXPHRASTIKS comes to us freshly bolted from the stable. No 'sealed empire of objects' is this provocative and joyous menagerie. Tuned to the sensuous vibrations of Art, SEKXPHRASTIKS calls forth, boldly and inventively, language's innate states of desire and performance.

-Lila Matsumoto, author of Urn & Drum (Shearsman, 2018)

Front and Back Cover Images by Caroline McNairn (1955-2010)