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Civitas Books

Soldier: A Poet's Childhood (Revised)

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Title: Soldier: A Poet's Childhood (Revised)
Author: Jordan, June
ISBN: 9780465036820
Publisher: Civitas Books
Published: 2001
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New
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Memoir 1286592

Publisher Description:
A profoundly moving childhood memoir by a noted poet, essayist, teacher, and journalist. SHORTA not uncommon story is here captured with astonishing beauty the childhood of a gifted daughter whose immigrant parents must struggle in order to provide her with the educational and social opportunities not available to them or, for that matter, to most blacks of her generation. In vivid prose that re-creates the heady impressions of youth, June Jordan takes us to the Harlem and Brooklyn neighborhoods where she lived and out into the larger landscape of her burgeoning imagination. Exploring the nature of memory, writing, and familial as well as social responsibility, Jordan re-creates the world in which her identity as a social and artistic revolutionary was forged.