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The Song Cave

Two Murals

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Title: Two Murals
Author: Castillo, Jesús
ISBN: 9781737277514
Publisher: The Song Cave
Published: 2021
Binding: Regular Hardback
Language: English
Condition: New
New from the publisher

Poetry 1314066

Publisher Description:

Poetry. Latinx Studies. Through two long poems, Jesùs Castillo's TWO MURALS explores the personal and political sides of love, selfhood, and transformation in a wasteful age. Variations on Adonis, the first sequence, is filled with music and memorable images, evoking the decline of civilization alongside a desire to live. The second sequence, A Mural After Darwish, is a love letter to a woman, to nature, and to memory. Castillo's visions span the landscapes of different countries and ages, always questioning and curious. Abundance and destruction are placed side by side in his consideration of language, life, and death. TWO MURALS offers the reader urgent views of love and perseverance despite the traps of the past and the uncertainty of our future.

Jesùs Castillo locates the subtle rhymes between bomb and tomb, plastic and arctic, in these two sweeping sequences that resonate with personal, political, geological and geographical histories. 'I will call this city a sad marionette, ' writes Castillo, 'And call the continent's shorelines roving wolves.' This book is a gathering inside one heart of many voices and the silences that divide them, a virtuoso performance, spellbinding, funny and profoundly sad. I am reminded of Brecht's haunting question and response: 'In the dark times / Will there be singing? / Yes, there will be singing / About the dark times.'--D.A. Powell