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Unspoken Hunger: Stories from the Field

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Title: Unspoken Hunger: Stories from the Field
Author: Williams, Terry Tempest
ISBN: 9780679752561
Publisher: Vintage
Published: 1995
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Publisher Description:
A manifesto both fierce and compassionate from one of our most eloquent and elegant voices of the American West. Terry Tempest Williams weaves together the passion of personal experience with the presence of political commitment. In this gathering of work, Williams explores our unspoken hunger, our desire for a life of greater intention. In a series of detailed and beautifully rendered portraits, she illuminates the strength and inspiration that helped to form Georgia O'Keeffe, Rachel Carson, Mardy Murie, and the Stone Creek Woman. There are portraits as well of two uncles, who also live outside the expectations of normalcy and orthodoxy. Through the power of her observations, we see how our lack of intimacy with the natural world has initiated a lack of intimacy with one another. An Unspoken Hunger is finally a call to action, where we begin to find the courage and heart to stand our ground in the places we love. As Williams reminds us, "Perhaps the most radical act we can commit is to stay home." An Unspoken Hunger is further proof of Terry Tempest Williams's unique gift - one that removes us from the distractions and confines of daily routine and prompts in us an awakened sense of wonder.