Where You're All Going

Where You're All Going

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Title: Where You're All Going
Author: Frank, Joan
ISBN: 9781946448507
Publisher: Sarabande Books
Published: 2020
Binding: Quality
Language: English
Condition: New

Fiction 1209419

Publisher Description:

Buzzfeed News, "15 Small Press Books To Kick Off Your 2020 Reading Season"

The Millions, "February Preview: The Millions Most Anticipated"

"Death looms in these four sparkling novellas--thus the book's sly title--but until then there's the wonder of life. Frank's subjects include fascinating friendships and complicated marriages, awful parties and odd enthusiasm. Bonus: song mentions that add up to a terrifically eclectic playlist." --Kim Hubbard, People Magazine

In her quartet of novellas, Joan Frank invites readers into the inner lives of characters bewildered by love, grief, and inexplicable affinities.

A young couple navigates a strange friendship and unexpected pregnancy; a woman recalls the bizarre fallout of her former lover's fame; a lonely widow is drawn to an arrogant young man; a wealthy spiritual seeker grapples with what wealth cannot affect. Witty and humane, Frank taps the riches of the novella form as she writes of loneliness, friendship, loss, and the filaments of intimacy that connect us through time.