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Order one of our hand-picked children's book-bundles! We will pick ten books in the same reading-level by various authors to suit your child's interests. Or, if you prefer a surprise, that's fine too. We have a large collection of children's books, both fiction and nonfiction, and ranging from classics to today's new stories.

In our collections, we have: Science and math, including mammals, birds, reptiles, dinosaurs, weather, geology, plants, experiments, colors and shapes, puzzles, physics, and more. History, including ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Americas, Africa, Europe; Middle Ages, Revolutionary War, Civil War, 20th century, world wars, the American Civil Rights Movement, indigenous peoples of the Americas, world geography, art history, biographies, and more. Literature, including poetry, folklore, classics, realistic fiction, fantasy and magic, science fiction, fairies, dystopian worlds, and more. Series books, including Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Baby-Sitter's Club, A-Z Mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown, Geronimo Stilton, Big Nate, Ivy and Bean, and more. Finally, we also may have maze books, coloring books, workbooks, and crafting books.

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